Mel Rosamond

About me

Mel Rosamond is the founder and driving force behind a new concept in the real estate business, Real Estate Connectors. With a background of working for real estate franchises, Mel became aware of an opportunity in the market and had a vision of creating a collaborative network of real estate agents and other appropriate professionals within the business. Understanding the importance and benefits of real estate agents working together and sharing resources inspired Mel to move forward with her innovative idea.

Leaning on her experiences from working with varied companies over many years, Mel drew upon all the best working practices and ideas that she had encountered, and created the first ever model of linked real estate agents, Real Estate Connectors, that were able to effectively work together utilising today’s technologies. Working with trusted partners both local and global, opens up a brand-new market and furthermore offers assurance to her clients that they will receive a first-class service whatever their location.

Based in the beautiful Old Bar area of NSW, Mel has first hand experience of operating as a licensed real estate agent and assisting her many clients in and around this this location, including the surrounding areas of Wallabi Point, Pampoolah, Bohnock, Oxley Island, Mitchell’s Island, Manning Point, Taree and Barrington Coast. Not surprisingly, living and working in this area blessed with wonderful waterways and beaches Mel has developed a passion for, and a specialism in waterfront properties, but is by no means restricted to any one type of property.

Searching for a property, or seeking a buyer for your property, is only a small part of what can be a lengthy, protracted process. Conveyancers, solicitors, building inspectors and bankers all have a significant part to play, and Mel’s network of reputable and reliable real estate professionals will all be there for you to ease the passage. Only licensed real estate agents are invited to join the network and commissions are shared by those involved in your purchase or sale, meaning that you, the customer only have to pay one commission.

And please don’t hesitate to contact Mel when it’s time for you to enter the property market, Mel can make the connections for you that make buying or selling your property a dream. Whether you are looking to buy your dream home - or sell any type of property or land in NSW or Australia worldwide, Mel Rosamond Real Estate Agent can help take the stress and hard work out of the process for you.